The company SCHILLER spol. s r. o buys most modern milling center HYUNDAI-KIA HS 630

Investment of horizontal milling center with double table HS 630 expanded our technology conditions for working of space parts where we were able to start to machining new types of work pieces till this time machined on the vertical milling machines only.

The productivity increased about 50%, for some types of work pieces up to 200%. Mainly we increased No. of machining parts by removing from multiple sides.

Tested quality of machinery HIUNDAY -KIA using was also important for this investment. We achieve high quality when machined hole Ø 290 to Ø 400 mm achieves class G6. Standard products are prescribed the precision in IT 6, IT 7 class. Of course we use the quality tools only by ISCAR, Walter, Fraisa and so on.